Handling the world with care

Environment_3_circlesFor the future of our planet and generations to come, Nissan Forklift is doing everything possible to help our natural environment. It's a commitment that extends far beyond our product line up. It's the consideration of manufacturing methods, studying their impact and finding new ways to minimise their effects by investing in the development of new, innovative solutions.

Green Program

The creation of Nissan's Green Program in 2010 includes a variety of goals designed to manage our environmental impact generated by corporate activities, customers' use of Nissan products and the company's use of resources. Specific targets have been established across three key issues:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
    Making use of advanced engine technologies developed for passenger cars, Nissan Forklift products meet emission standards that surpass the strictest regulations laid down in Europe, the USA and Japan. They also offer productivity-boosting performance balanced with impressive fuel economy.
  • Cleaner emissions to preserve the atmosphere, water and soil
    Nissan Forklift's production facilities are strategically located in Europe, the USA and Japan. Each factory has the environmental ISO 14001 certificate, targeted at reduction of water and energy consumption, visual and noise disturbances and the avoidance of releasing pollutants into the air and water.
  • Maximum re-cycling
    Every Nissan Forklift truck is carefully designed so that up to 98% of the vehicle can be recycled. Re-use of materials contributes to the effective use of our planet's limited, precious natural resources.
A True Innovator

Nissan Forklift is also focussed on providing customers with new, innovative products vital to the development of a sustainable mobile society. These have included:

  • Pioneering the development of Clean Air Technology in 2004
  • Unveiling the world's first 0% emission lithium-ion battery powered forklift in 2008 (part of a joint venture with NEC Corporation and NEC TOKIN)
  • Developing Nissan Forklift's future Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV), which employs hydrogen fuel cell technology for its motive power
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