When you come to invest in a new forklift, a continued, reliable performance should be top of your list. At Nissan Forklift, our legendary product design and quality of manufacture means greater dependability and lower operational costs over the life of your Nissan lift truck.

The confidence we have in the reliability of our products, including Nissan Forklift Genuine Parts, is apparent by the strength of our warranties.

With every Nissan Forklift, you'll benefit from:

  • Full manufacturers warranty
  • Comprehensive cover for both Nissan Forklift trucks and Nissan Forklift Genuine Parts

There is also the option to extend and tailor your warranty package to meet your business needs.

For immediate and professional support please contact your local Nissan Forklift dealer or find your dealer via the Network Locator. To contact your nearest Nissan Forklift Network Centre, e-mail forklift@nissanforklift.co.uk or call free on 0800 919968.