An efficient supply of spare parts is crucial to the performance and productivity of your Nissan Forklift, so it's important that we carry the part you need, as and when you need it. Our UK Nissan Parts Centre, based in Lutterworth, is centrally located to guarantee the rapid delivery of parts to our entire network, ensuring you receive the right part at the right time.

Where to go to
When it comes to enhancing or repairing your Nissan Forklift truck, a genuine service from your local Nissan Forklift dealer should always be your first line of support. No one understands your forklift better than our qualified technicians, which means your truck will never be out of action longer than the work it requires.

Nissan Forklift Genuine Parts
Our dealers only use quality genuine parts and accessories that comply with the highest performance standards, ensuring that the safety of your truck is never compromised.

Genuine parts will typically last much longer than non-genuine, deliver the performance of the original and will be supported by a generous warranty package that will safeguard your vehicle's warranty and resale value.

European Spare Parts Distribution Network
All genuine Nissan Forklift parts are distributed by Nissan Forklift Europe via the European distribution network throughout Europe from warehouses located in the Netherlands, Spain and UK.

For immediate and professional support please contact your local Nissan Forklift dealer or find your dealer via the Network Locator. To contact your nearest Nissan Forklift Network Centre, e-mail or call free on 0800 919968.