For more than fifty years Nissan Forklift has developed and produced high performing handling equipment for a global market. Today, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, the company is a true global brand at the forefront of forklift design, technology and safety.

Strategically located production facilities
With production facilities strategically located in Europe, Japan and the USA, no one is better placed to meet the demands of different markets than Nissan Forklift.

Future vision
Every Nissan Forklift is the result of extensive research that includes basic performance, durability, safety, operational ease, environmental information and invaluable user feedback. It's this painstaking attention to detail that will enable us to deliver the highest technical standard and quality possible in the future.

Engine technology
Every engine is developed with both economical performance and environmental impact as major considerations. All of our LPG engines are equipped with both a three-way catalyst as standard and Nissan's Engine Concentrated Control System (ECCS) - an engine management system that provides maximum fuel economy and performance at all times. Together these technologies also reduce emissions by up to 98%. Nissan diesel engines are also ultra-clean and ultra fuel-efficient.

Full range concept
As one the world's leading manufacturers, Nissan Forklift offers a full range of vehicles for the majority of the industry. This includes LPG and diesel forklifts from 1.5 - 8.0 tonnes capacity and three and four-wheel electric models from 1.25 to 3.0 tonnes. Plus, there's an extensive warehouse range that enables you to tailor the optimum solution to the needs of your logistics operation:

  • Reach trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Pallet transporters
  • Pallet stackers

Worldwide network
Nissan Forklift products are supplied across a network of more than 800 dedicated outlets covering 75 countries worldwide. A competent, experienced sales force is available to recommend the ideal balance of equipment and the best way to acquire it - from direct sales to short-term hire or long-term rental.

Support 24/7
Nissan Forklift understands that customers need their materials handling equipment to keep running, especially in high-demand operations. Our well-organised and rapid service network is available to provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We can also advise and support fleet customers in creating their maintenance schedules, effective repair procedures and emergency parts stock to maximize productivity. Specialist training can also be provided for customer service engineers and forklift operators.

The operational reliability of your vehicle is further enhanced by the availability and efficient supply of genuine parts. Extensive stock within the local network is supported at pan-European level, with centres in the Netherlands, Spain and UK shipping overnight for delivery to the Nissan Forklift dealer network or direct to the customer's premises

For immediate and professional support please contact your local Nissan Forklift dealer or find your dealer via the Network Locator. To contact your nearest Nissan Forklift Network Centre, e-mail or call free on 0800 919968.